• We love our food in the Lake District and have plenty of local produce to fill up on. Some of our foods are famous all over the world and others are more local specialities. Here are a few of the flavoursome foods you can expect to try if you visit the Lake District.

    Know your sausage

    The Cumberland sausage is a favourite across the country and is traditionally made from select cuts of pork chopped to give a distinctive chunky texture, mixed with a variety of seasonings then made into a long coil - best served with a good helping of mash! A few years ago the traditional Cumberland sausage was granted Protected Geographical Indication status, meaning that you can only call your sausage Cumberland if it was made in the county of Cumbria.

    Local lamb

    You can’t venture far into the Lake District fells without bumping into a Herdwick or two. Not many sheep can endure the sometimes extreme weather conditions of a Lakeland Fell but Herdys are fairly hardy and spend their days roaming around the higher fells helping to maintain the local landscape. Due to the harsher climate they grow slower which gives a much sweeter and fuller flavoured lamb.

    Gingery goodness

    You haven’t tasted gingerbread until you have been to Grasmere and tried Sarah Nelson’s secret recipe for Grasmere Gingerbread which dates back to 1854. Famous the world over and sold only from the original small cottage, now a tiny shop, in the picturesque village of Grasmere (or online) this cross between a cake and a biscuit with an intense ginger flavour is a taste like no other and will have you relocating to the Lake District or standing in the long queue which trails out the door every time you visit!

    Mint cake magic

    Made in nearby Kendal since 1918 it first found fame on the 1953 Everest expedition when Sir Edmund Hilary and Sirdar Tensing rewarded themselves for the arduous and epic climb with some Kendal mint cake while enjoying the view below. More recently it fuelled Ewan McGregor and Charley Boorman on their Around the World Trip by Motorcycle and is a sugary staple in the picnic of many a walker who heads to the Lake District. For a bit of added indulgence, or extra kick of energy to get you to the summit, try dark chocolate covered mint cake - just don’t tell your dentist!

    If your mouth is watering now and you want to try all that the Lakes has to offer then why not come and visit. There are loads more local foods to try and plenty of hills to walk up if you over indulge.


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