• Thinking about visiting the Lake District this year? There is no doubt we are situated in one of the most beautiful parts of the UK. Visitors to the area may be surprised by the many sheep, miles of grey stone walls and narrow, windy roads, not to mention the cumbria dialect! To impress your friends and perhaps a few locals here are some Lake District facts you didn’t know.

    Only One Lake
    There are many bodies of water in the Lake District and it is part of what makes the area so beautiful. However, it may surprise you that there is actually only one official Lake! Lake Bassenthwaite is the only lake in the Lake District, all the other’s including Windermere are either a water, mere or tarn.

    Our Sheep have Viking Heritage
    If you’ve visited you’ll know sheep are everywhere! These robust wooly animals are made of tough stuff and can cope with most weather conditions. Herdwick sheep in particular are a distinctive symbol of the Lake District, recognisable by their grey woolen coats with friendly oval faces. It may surprise you to know they were it is believed they were brought to Cumbria by the Vikings! Their grazing is essential to stop the fells from being covered in trees.

    Pencils Were Invented in the Lake District
    The graphite mine at Seathwaite provided the natural resource required to make the very first pencil! You can find out everything about pencils at the Pencil Museum in Keswick. There is even the longest colouring pencil in the world on display, a unusable 7.9metres long!

    Windermere holds 300 Billion Litres of Water
    It is a well know fact that Windermere is the largest body of water in England, it was formed during the last Ice Age when two glaciers melted. What you might not know is that it has since held an impressive 300 billion litres of water!


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