• Relaxing, breathing in fresh air and just simply enjoying the beauty of your surroundings is a luxury not many of us get to experience these days. Stepping away from it all and putting a little balance in your life is important, and sometimes taking a little break from the online world can give you the opportunity to re- connect with what is around you.

    What a digital detox can help you to do:

    Relax and be more peaceful

    Ignore those emails, put your phone away. Embrace the peace and slow down. Relaxing properly is a rarity…there’s always that one text you could answer or social media app you could scroll through. Try putting it away for a whole day or taking a walk without taking your phone.

    Think more

    Checking texts and Facebook takes your mind away from the moment. Putting the screen away will enable you to think more about dreams, future plans or adventures you might like to embark on.

    Connect more with who and what is around you

    Imagine getting the undivided attention of your partner? It’s a nice thought isn’t it? Treat them to all your attention and you might find yourself reconnecting like days gone by.

    At Lake House we promote relaxation, we think it’s important to take a break in this busy world. Imagine the quiet of the Lake District, cosy beds, yummy food and the beautiful scenery right on your doorstep. Take a digital detox with us and you may find out surprising things about yourself.


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